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Thu May 28 09:15:52 KST 2020
Java Classorg.jgroups.protocols.FD_SOCK
DescriptionFailure detection protocol based on sockets connecting members

Attribute Name Access Type Description Attribute Value
LocalAddress R java.lang.String Member address
KeepAlive RW boolean Whether to use KEEP_ALIVE on the ping socket or not. Default is true
StartPort RW int Start port for server socket. Default value of 0 picks a random port
Members R java.lang.String List of cluster members
BindAddr RW The NIC on which the ServerSocket should listen on. The following special values are also recognized: GLOBAL, SITE_LOCAL, LINK_LOCAL and NON_LOOPBACK
Dynamic MBean Description R java.lang.String MBean description
Failure detection protocol based on sockets connecting members    
NumTries RW int Number of attempts coordinator is solicited for socket cache until we give up. Default is 3
BindInterfaceStr RW java.lang.String The interface (NIC) which should be used by this transport
Name R java.lang.String Give the protocol a different name if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
NumSuspectEventsGenerated R int Number of suspect event generated
Level RW java.lang.String Sets the logger level (see javadocs)
PingableMembers R java.lang.String List of pingable members of a cluster
Stats RW boolean Determines whether to collect statistics (and expose them via JMX). Default is true
Id RW short Give the protocol a different ID if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
PingDest R java.lang.String Ping destination
SockConnTimeout RW int Max time in millis to wait for ping Socket.connect() to return
SuspectMsgInterval RW long Interval for broadcasting suspect messages. Default is 5000 msec
Ergonomics RW boolean Enables ergonomics: dynamically find the best values for properties at runtime
GetCacheTimeout RW long Timeout for getting socket cache from coordinator. Default is 1000 msec

Operation Return Type Description Parameters
printCache java.lang.String (no description)
[no parameters]
printSuspectHistory java.lang.String Print suspect history
[no parameters]